Apple iOS 9 Availed: Why Should You Upgrade?

Apple iOS 9 Availed: Why Should You Upgrade?

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The long awaited launch of iPhone 6s finally lands in the UK market. Many people are overwhelmed as they wait to grasp the new trend of technology from the tech giants in their palms. There are definitely more reasons for you to make a purchase when the smartphones are availed for purchase come September 25th. The trendy and elegant piece of technology features iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, both sharing quite a number of similarities but with the latter possessing superior physical features such as screen, resolution, weight and dimension. The smartphones run iOS9 which therefore means that if you own any device running iOS8, your device can successfully support the upgrade to iOS9.

iOS 9 is the company’s next generation for iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods. Is it really that good for you to rush and upgrade your current device or should you hold on a little longer? Definitely, that’s quite a difficult question to answer without a proper guideline. Here’s the take about the trendy mobile operating system from Apple.

Before making an upgrade, it’s worth noting the key features that the mobile OS can give your device.

Longer battery life

iOS 9 comes with greater efficiency promises from Apple, among them being longer battery performance. Apple says that the new mobile OS will create an additional hour for iPhone 6 devices and 3 additional hours when running under the low power mode. There are no claims on other models of iOS devices such as iPhone 4, but more are yet to be unveiled.

Memory space free up

When you upgrade to iOS 9, you stand to gain additional memory space as it only requires 1.3 GB of memory space. This is unlike the previous version, iOS 8 which needed 4.58 GB of space. Users can therefore fill their devices with other miscellaneous staff without causing problems.

Apple Proactive

The new mobile OS has just established a new rivalry to “Google Now” by introduction of “Apple Proactive”. The personal assistant can scan your phone’s content to provide you with a rich information long before you need it. Some of the benefits of the assistant include delivery of information and trip alerts among others. Apple Proactive gives you total guarantee that all your information will stay only in your phone.

Excellent Multi-tasking

Desktop type of multi-tasking was once available on iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2. Now Apple has just availed the feature for iPhones with the launch of iOS 9. Although the feature seems to offer excellent performance on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 9 does good job as far as app switching is concerned for all devices that can support it.

Smarter Siri

The Siri on iOS 9 supports more language commands and has been availed to third party applications. In long term, there are more amazing implementations anticipated.

Smarter keyboard

iPad users are expected to enjoy this feature as iOS 9 brings a QuickType kind of keyboard through iOS 9. The features on this keyboard include smarter word suggestion bar equipped with command shortcuts with copy, paste and attachments functionality. The keyboard also offers support for gestures such as text highlighting from the virtual keyboard, multi-finger scrolling and easy selection of words.

Other key features on iOS include Apple News app and bug fixes. Certainly there are more reasons to upgrade your device to this trendy mobile OS. You can check on the list of supported devices to see if your current iOS device can support iOS 9. All iPads can comfortably run iOS 9.